Freedom Committee of Orange County


RONNIE GUYER is a Veteran of the 1st Major Battles of the Vietnam War, one of which was depicted in the true Vietnam War Motion Picture titled “WE WERE SOLDIERS”. Starring MEL GIBSON as Ronnie’s Commanding Officer Lt. Col. HAL G. MOORE, Who he carried radio for in Vietnam.

40 years later, exactly, RONNIE is now a Field Representative for California State Assemblyman VAN TRAN, the 1st Vietnamese-American to be sworn into a State Legislature in U.S. History. RONNIE represents the Assemblyman for Veterans Affairs, Military Affairs, and Boy Scout Affairs as well as to the City of Fountain Valley and at Little Saigon Events.

RONNIE grew up in Garden Grove, California during the 1950’s and was blessed to leave Garden Grove in the mid-1960 for the 1st Major Battles of the Vietnam War and was then blessed to return there.

Upon his return from Vietnam RONNIE became a Supervisor for the primary steamship line transporting freight and autos to the Hawaiian Islands, Matson Navigation Company in the Port of Los Angeles. There he became known as ‘Mr. Matson’ for his treating Matson Customers who were shipping their personal autos to Hawaii with the warm ‘Aloha’ Spirit.’ Some of them being military families whose head of households were on their way to new wars over the years or to repeat tours of duty in Vietnam. RONNIE retired from Matson after 33 years of service in the mid-1990.

RONNIE then joined the country’s biggest public interest law firm JUDICIAL WATCH, as an Administrative Assistant at its Western Regional Headquarters. JUDICIAL WATCH sues those it sees as misbehaving in Government no matter how high, just for the clarity of it.

RONNIE is known as a frontline Citizen Activist, working on behalf of the Freedom of Others on the Internet, in Freedom Demonstrations and on Talk Radio and Television, where he is known as “ALOHA RONNIE.”

RONNiE has spoken before his hometown Garden Grove’s City Council on behalf of its becoming America’s 1st declared ‘No-Communist Zone’ .barring leaders from Communist Vietnam from visiting Little Saigon in Central Orange County. He has also spoken on behalf of Garden Grove’s officially recognizing the Free Flag of the former Republic of South Vietnam as opposed to the current Flag of Communist Vietnam. During the 2004 Presidential Election he was a staff member at the new Orange County Republican Headquarters in Little Saigon helping Vietnamese-Americans to register to vote.

RONNIE is also a Contributing Author to the inspiring book titled ‘Modern Day Heroes: In Defense of America’ where he talks about his being a lifetime witness to the Heroism of many and how he has become a symbol of Freedom’s return to Vietnam to the Vietnamese-American Community.