Name: Everett Jesse Ashmore

Rank: Master Sergeant mas ser1 mas ser2

Branch of Service: U. S. Air Force

Unit: 36th Wing Anderson AFB, , Guam, SAC. Air Force Reserve Military Air Lift Command, TAC Air National Guard

Specialty: Jet Engine Technician, Missile Mechanic, Flight Engineer

Active Duty Dates: August 1959 to December 1966

Armed Conflicts: Korea, Vietnam and Cold War

Theater of Operations: Guam and United States

Campaigns: Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam, Desert Storm

Decorations & Awards: Air Force Achievement Medal, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, Air Force Good Conduct Medal, Air Reserve Forces Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Air Force Longevity Service Award, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, Enlisted Aircrew Badge and Missile Badge

Speaking Subject: Cuban Missile Crisis and Air Force Career