Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the Freedom Committee of Orange County?

A. An organization of veterans, not a veteran service organization.

Q. What is the purpose of FCOC?

A. The Mission is to bring Living History into the classrooms.

Q. How is this accomplished?

A. Being an adjunct for educators’ programs, by bringing the veteran’s “LIVING HISTORY” into the classroom.

Q. How is this done?

A. By reviewing the list of speakers and their subjects on the SPEAKERS PAGE and selecting         the one that is best suited to their classroom subject matter.  Arrangements may be made by contacting:

 Scott Williams, President

714-501-0941, [email protected]

Q. Who may attend the monthly FCOC General Meetings?

A. Members, invited guests, and educators are welcome to the General Meetings on the second Wednesday of each month:  11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Q. Where are the General Meetings held?

A. At the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant: 2850 Fairview Road, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Q. Why do veterans have to complete an application form and attach a DD-214 (Release from active duty)?

A. This is required in order to qualify for membership and verify actual service.

Q. What is a DD-214?

A. The Department of Defense issues a DD-214 as a record of your military service.

Q. Why do we need a DD-214?

A. The Freedom Committee of Orange County must verify the veteran’s service in order for eligibility in the organization standards.  Military awards must be verified.

Q. How do I request a certified copy of a DD-214?

A. You may request your copy by contacting [email protected]  This is the National Personal Records Center.

Q. Why are two pictures requested with the application?

A. An individual biographical page is made on each individual that not only indicates their military history but also bears a picture of their medals and awards, and a portrait photo in uniform.  A current portrait of the veteran now helps our staff and teachers for identification purposes.

Q. How may a member become a speaker?

A. Attend Speaking Class, which are held throughout the year.  You will need to bring memorabilia, pictures, and a general outline of your presentation.  Our staff will help in the development of a PowerPoint presentation.  Our staff will also help develop your speaking and presentation skills.