“Passing the Torch of Liberty On To Future Generations”

Neighborhood Community Center

1845 Park Ave., Costa Mesa, CA. 92627

January 14, 2009 Meeting Agenda

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Gathering @ 11:30 a.m. Meeting Starts at Noon.

Pledge of Allegiance:

Invocation: Frank Orzio, Wounded Warrior Ministry

Taps: Lt.Col. Andrew Weniger, USAF (Ret.)

Pearl Harbor Survivor

Binnacle List: Dick Baynes, Bud Hohl, Dan Huston, and Harvey


Introduction of Guests:

Member Introductions:

Special Presentation (Commences at 1215 hours)

Robert “Stretch” Brandt, QM2c. USN. Amphibious Forces

“The LST Sailor and D-Day Landings”


Africa, Sicily, Italy, Normandy & Japan

Decorations & Awards:

Purple Heart Medal, Good Conduct Medal, American Theater Medal ,

European Theater Ribbon/w/ 4 battle stars, Asiatic-Pacific Medal, and WWII

Victory Medal.

Today’s Table Topics (commences at 1245 hours)

“Your scariest moment in the service”

Business Meeting (commences at 1315 hours)

Tom Egan: Web Site Report .

Fred Whitaker: Financial report and budgeted items.

Jack Hammett: Executive Committee Report: