War in the Pacific

War in the Pacific Guadalcanal Chronicles

Mission Viejo, CA August 7.1942 to July 13, 1943

Guadalcanal Island is an Island in the Solomon Group, 100 miles long, and 50 miles wide. The ships comprising Task Force 62 and 67 were attack transports, cargo ships, heavy and light cruisers, destroyers and aircraft carriers whose purpose was to land assault troops, reinforcements, and supplies to advanced bases. Basic armament of the transports and cargo ships were 3″.50 AA, 20 mm. AA, 50 cal. water cooled AA weapons and one 5”51 surfaced gun located on the stern. This was the most bitterly contested action of war in American history since the campaign of Northern Virginia during the Civil War. It was composed of:

  • Seven major naval engagements
  • Ten pitched land battles
  • Innumerable forays bombardments and skirmishes

Major Naval Air Engagements:

  • Guadalcanal August 7,8,9, 1942 Tulagi, Gavutu, Florida Islands.
  • Battle of Savo Island August 9, 1942
  • Battle of Easter Solomons August 24, 1942
  • Battle of Cape Esperance October 11, 12, 1942
  • Battle of Santa Cruz Island October 26, 27, 1942
  • Naval Battle of Guadalcanal November 12-15, 1942
  • Battle of Tassaforonga and November 30, 1942 and Renell Island January 30. 1943


  • Battle of Vela Lavela February 17, 1942
  • Battle of Kolomabangara July 13, 1943

Courtesy of Howard C. BENDER, YNC, USN.