Name: Robert Barnard Olds

Rank: Captain

Branch of Service: U. S. Navy

Specialty: Aviator, Ship Captain

Active Duty Dates: 3 JUL 1953 to 30 JUN 1984

Reserve Dates: 10 AUG 1957 to 17 NOV 1958

Theater of Operations: Cold War & Vietnam, Atlantic, Pacific, Mediterranean , Arctic

Campaigns: 6 Commands, 2 Air, 2 Sea. 2 Shore

Decorations & Awards: Legion of Merit (2), Meritorious Svc Medal, Navy Unit Commendation, National Defense Medal (2), Vietnam Svc Medal

Speaking Subjects: School Program….Maritime Aviation, Anti-submarine (Chasing Russian Subs), Arctic Flights and replenishment at sea (Fuel, ammo, food, parts, etc.)