• December 10: Capt. Tom Gorla, USN (Ret.)
  • November 12: Colonel Joe Mueller, USMC (Ret.), “The Marine Corps in Iraq”, “Iraq Assistance Group”
  • October 8th: Captain Robert “Bob”McClain, USA, Vietnam Infantry Officer “Special Forces Operation for Vietnam”.
  • September 10: 1st Lt. David K. Hayward, US Army Air Force, WWII, B-25  Pilot. “Experiences flying China-India-Burma Theater”
  • August 13Chase Wichersham, 1st Lt., USAR, Vietnam “Combat Leadership in Vietnam”
  • July 9 – Major General William J. Mall Jr., USAF (Ret.) “The Rescue of Medical Students in Granada”
  • April 9: Vern P. Martin, Sgt., USAF, WWII South Pacific, China-Burma-India “Radar bombing 14th Air Force in China, Flying the Hump & Typhoons”
  • March 12: Captain Robert H. (Bob) Meyer, US Army Air Corps, WWII: “Story of a Glider Pilot during WWII
  • January 8: Major John A. Hughes, USMC (Ret.), WWII & Korea, ““Naval Aviation Combat in the South Pacific”


  • December 11: Lt.Col. “Shep” Bentley, USMC (Ret.), Cold War, Gulf War (Kuwait and Iraq) “Declassified Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency Action”
  • November 13: Fred Whitaker, Corporal, AUS, WWII, ETO “Battle of the Bulge, Assault crossing of the Rhine, Hand to Hand combat”
  • October 9: Sergeant Douglas Alan Milliken, U. S. Army, Vietnam “Northern thrust of the Cambodian Invasion 4th Infantry Division May 1970”
  • September 11: Sgt. George H. Emerson, USAA, WWII, Tail Gunner, B-17 “Battle of the Bulge (Supporting Ground Troops) and Experiences as a POW”
  • June 12CWO 4 Malcolm Campbell, USA (Ret.), “A Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam” 
  • May 81st Lt. Frank L. Pangborn, U.S. Army, Vietnam War ““Grunts In The Vietnam Jungle”
  • April 10: Bryan P. Roland, T/Sgt, USAF Korean Conflict, “Pathway to Flight and Special Ops”
  • March 13Robert D. Davis, T/Sgt, USAC, WWII, B-24 Radio/Gunner /POW
  • February 13Captain Edward P. Moore, U. S. Marine Corps (Retired) “Helicopter Flying in Combat”


  • December 12Lt. Col. Theodore “Ted” Tanner, USAF (Ret.) “Combat Flying in the South Pacific WWII”
  • October 10: Aviation Electronic Technician First Class, US Navy, Korean War: “Flare drop operations in Korea”
  • September 12: Lt.Col. Richard Tyhurst, USAF “Aerial Navigation in Combat Flying in WWII”
  • August 8: Specialist 4 Robert John Leahy, US Army “Point Man in Combat in Vietnam”
  • July 11: Major John Hughes, USMC (Ret.) “Naval Aviation in Combat”
  • June 13: Major General William J. Mall, Jr.. USAF (Ret.) “Combat Rescue & The Drug Wars”
  • April 11: Major William E. Anderson USAF (Ret.) “Vietnam War Stories, North Pole Low Level – Norwegian Explorers, Japan Typhoon”
  • March 14: Col. Edison Miller, USMC (Ret.) “Fighter Pilot War Experiences and Life as a POW”
  • February 08: S/Sgt. Frank Ramirez, USA, “The Combat Medic in Korea”
  • January 11: Eanos “Tom” Evans – “WWII, Marine Infantry in Combat”


  • December 14: The Pearl Harbor Story – by Survivors
  • November 9: Captain Robert H. (Bob) Meyer, Army Air Corps “Suicide Missions, Story Of The Glider Pilots In Action”
  • October 12: Lt.Col. James V. Powers, USAF (Ret.) “Flying the P-47 Thunderbolt on Missions Supporting General Patton”
  • September 14: Colonel Eugene Wallace, USAF (Ret) “Survival Behind Enemy Lines”
  • August 10: Howard Beach, “Life of a Young GI During WWII”
  • July 13: Major Robert Stenfels, USAF (Ret.) Ploesti Bombing Raid WWII
  • June 8:Lt. (jg) Daniel D. Huston, Scout Pilot, WWII, 9 Combat Missions
  • May 11: “Brown Water Sailors” – Cdr. John Kirk Ferguson, USN
  • April 13: Frank H. Haigler, Capt. USMC “Attu, Normand, Okinawa and Korea”
  • March 9: Dan Gillespie, S/SGT, U.S. Army, WWII – “The Combat Infantry Machine Gunner & Concentration Camp Rescues”
  • Feb. 9: Oldis – “The War That Never Happened”
  • January 20W. T. “Duke” Steinken, Captain, USMC (Ret.) “The First SAM Strike in No. Vietnam”


  • December 8: Lt.Col. Bakkila, US Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • November 10: George Ciampa, Graves Registration
  • October 13: Educators – 48 Wars Film
  • September 8:  “Combat from a modern bomber perspective, and how we’re testing for the future,” Lt.Col. Hans H. “Lucky” Miller, USAF
  • August 11: Panel: “Flying WWII Bombers in the Pacific and Europe”
  • July 14: Bill Mall, “The Forward Air Controller”
  • June 9: Tim Richards, “Reflections of a Combat Engineer in Viet Nam”
  • May 12: Ground Pounders
  • April 14: Purple Heart Panel
  • March 10: Justice Eileen Moore, “The Combat Nurse in Viet Nam”
  • February 10: Bus Cornelius, “With Patton’s Tanks”
  • January 13: Dan Huston, “Sighted Sub, Sank Same”



Captain Robert H. (Bob) Meyer, Army Air Corps

“Suicide Missions, Story Of The Glider Pilots In Action